• NIST SP800-53 Quick Reference Card

The purpose of this NIST 800-53 Quick Reference Card (QRC) is to provide guidelines for selecting and specifying security controls for organizations and information systems supporting the executive agencies of the federal government to meet the requirements of FIPS Publication 200, Minimum Security Requirements for Federal Information and Information Systems. The guidelines apply to all components of an information system that process, store, or transmit federal information. The guidelines have been developed to achieve more secure information systems and effective risk management within the federal government.


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Page No. Title

Page 1

Introduction & Purposes of NIST SP800-53

Page 2

Overview of Security Control

Page 3

  • Control 1: Access Control (AC)
  • Control 2: Awareness & Training (AT)

Page 4

  • Control 3: Audit & Accountability (AU)
  • Control 4: Security Assessment & Authorization (CA)

Page 5

  • Control 5:Configuration Management (CM)
  • Control 6: Contingency Planning (CP)

Page 6

  • Control 7: Identification & Authentication (IA) management
  • Control 8: Incident Response (IR)

Page 7

  • Control 9: Maintenance (MA)
  • Control 10: Media Protection (MP)

Page 8

  • Control 11: Physical & Environmental Protection (PE)
  • Control 12: Planning (PL)

Page 9

  • Control 13: Personnel Security (PS)
  • Control 14: Risk Assessment (RA)

Page 10

  • Control 15: System & Services Acquisition (SA)
  • Control 16: System & Communications Protection (SC)

Page 11

  • Control 17: System & Information Integrity (SI)
  • Control 18: Program Management (PM)

Page 12

  • Overview of Privacy Controls

Page 13

  • Description of Privacy Control Families
  • Control 1: Authority And Purpose (AP)
  • Control 2: Accountability, Audit, and Risk Management (AR)

Page 14

  • Control 3: Data Quality and Integrity (DI)
  • Control 4: Data Minimization and Retention (DM)

Page 15

  • Control 5: Individual Participation and Redress (IP)
  • Control 6: Security (SE)

Page 16

  • Control 7: Transparency (TR)
  • Control 8: Use Limitation (UL)

Page 17-18



Page 19-20

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NIST SP800-53 Quick Reference Card

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