• India Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008

The Government of India has brought major amendments to ITA-2000 in form of the Information Technology Amendment Act (ITAA), 2008. ITAA 2008 as the new version of Information Technology Act 2000 is often referred has provided additional focus on Information Security. It has added several new sections on offences including Cyber Terrorism and Data Protection. A set of Rules relating to Sensitive Personal Information & Reasonable Security Practices (mentioned in section 43A of the ITAA, 2008) was released in April 2011.


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IT Act 2000 and It’s Objectives

Page 3

  • CHAPTER I – Preliminary
  • CHAPTER-II - Digital Signature Electronic Signature (Amended Vide ITAA 2008)

Page 4

  • CHAPTER III - Electronic Governance

Page 6

  • CHAPTER IV - Attribution, Acknowledgment and Dispatch of Electronic

Page 7

  • CHAPTER V - Secure Electronic Records and Secure Electronic Signatures
  • CHAPTER VI - Regulation of Certifying Authorities

Page 11

  • CHAPTER VII - Electronic Signature Certificates

Page 12

  • CHAPTER VIII - Duties of Subscribers
  • CHAPTER IX - Penalties, Compensation and Adjudication

Page 14

  • CHAPTER X - The Cyber Appellate Tribunal

Page 18

  • CHAPTER XI - Offences

Page 24

  • CHAPTER XII - Intermediaries not to be Liable in Certain Cases (Substituted Vide ITA-2006)

Page 25

  • CHAPTER XII A - Examiner of Electronic Evidence (Inserted Vide ITA-2006)
  • CHAPTER XIII - Miscellaneous

Page 28

  • Summary
  • Terminology

Page 32

  • References

Page 33 - 34

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India Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008

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