• India National Cybersecurity Policy

India National Cybersecurity Policy QRC guides how the policy will help in safeguarding the critical infrastructure like Air Defence system, nuclear plants, banking system, power infrastructure, telecommunication system and many more to secure country’s economic stability. The objective of this policy in broad terms is to create a secure cyberspace ecosystem & strengthen the regulatory framework. The policy has ambitious plans for rapid social transformation and inclusive growth and India’s prominent role in the IT global market.

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  • Strategies A: Creating a Secure Cyber Ecosystem
  • Strategies B: Creating an Assurance Framework

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  • Strategies C: Encouraging Open Standards
  • Strategies D: Strengthening the Regulatory Framework

Page 6

  • Strategies E: Creating Mechanisms for Security Threat Early Warning, Vulnerability Management and Response to Security Threats
  • Strategies F: Securing E-Governance Services

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  • Strategies G: Protection and Resilience of Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Strategies H: Promotion of Research & Development in Cybersecurity

Page 8

  • Strategies I: Reducing Supply Chain Risks
  • Strategies J: Human Resource Development
  • Strategies K: Creating Cybersecurity Awareness

Page 9

  • Strategies L: Developing Effective Public Private Partnerships
  • Strategies M: Information Sharing and Cooperation
  • Strategies N: Prioritized Approach for Implementation
  • Operationalization of the Policy

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India National Cybersecurity Policy

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