• HIPAA Quick Reference Card

These 26-page PDF quick reference cards are perfect to use as a quick desktop reference or as a concise HIPAA exam review. The three cards are sold in a package and include: "HIPAA Overview," "HIPAA Privacy," and "HIPAA Security."

This PDF Contains:


Page No. Title

Page 2

  • Introduction to HIPAA

Page 3-4

  • HIPAA Timeline
  • HIPAA Terminology

Page 5

  • Who is impacted by HIPAA?

Page 6

  • Business Associates
  • HIPAA Transactions

Page 7-8-9

  • National Healthcare Identifier
  • National Provider Identifier
  • Code Sets

Page 10

  • Protected Health Information
  • De-identified Information
  • Safe Harbor method
  • Limited Data Set
  • Use and Disclosure

Page 11

  • Permitted Use and Disclosures

Page 12

  • Authorization
  • Minimum Necessary

Page 13-14

  • Patients Rights
  • Definition of Breach
  • Breach Notification

Page 15

  • State Law

Page 16-17-18

  • HIPAA Final Rule Summary

Page 19

  • HIPAA Penalties for Non compliance

Page 20

  • HIPAA Identifiers

Page 21

  • Acronyms

Page 22-23-24

  • Glossary

Page 25-26

  • CSCS Program
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HIPAA Quick Reference Card

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