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Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM)

The Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM) validates knowledge and skill sets to examine, build a practical and applicable cyber security program for an organization.


Through CCSASM

  • Step through core components of an actionable incident response plan.
  • Identify policies that reflect an organization’s priority for security in the areas of risk assessment, mobile devices, cloud computing, encryption and more.
  • Walk thru incident management and other checklist documents to establish consistency in monitoring enterprise security capabilities.
  • Learn about key reference sources vital for managing an enterprise cyber security program.

Course Outline

Module 1: Cybersecurity Framework

  • Framework Core
  • Framework Profile
  • Framework Implementation Tiers
  • Framework Core Functions
  • Functions, Categories & Sub-Categories

 Module 2: Security Incident Management

  • Fundamentals
  • Serious Incident Management
  • Incident Management Recommendations
  • Incident Attack Vectors
  • Handling an Incident

Practical Study: I - Incident Management

Practical Study: II - Incident Management Checklist

 Module 3: Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Pen Test Methodology
  • External & Internal Pen Test
  • Exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • Segmentation 
  • Detect & Prevent Intrusions
  • Change-Detection Mechanism
  • Firewall/DMZ Assessment
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment

Practical Study: III - Getting Started: Vulnerability Assessment

Practical Study: IV - Getting Started: Penetration Testing

 Module 4: Essential Cyber Policies

  • Information Security Policies
  • Organization of Information Security
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Controls
  • Mobile Devices
  • Breach Notification
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance
  • Supplier Relationships

 Module 5: Encryption

  • Encryption Assessment: Cloud, Mobile & More
  • Mandates: Standards & Regulations
  • Encryption Strategy

 Module 6: Establishing a Cyber Security Program

  • Prioritize and Scope
  • Orient
  • Create a Current Profile
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment
  • Create a Target Profile
  • Determine, Analyze, and Prioritize Gaps
  • Implement Action Plan

 Practical Study: VI - Checklist for Cyber Security

Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM) Study Manual

This is the official study manual for the Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM) certification.

The Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM  (CCSASM) study manual focuses on the Cyber Security Framework, Security Incident Management, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Essential Cyber Policies, Encryption, Establishing a Cyber Security Program.

This is the official study manual for those working towards their CCSASM certification, but it is also invaluable for compliance professionals and managers, security officers, security practitioners, privacy officers and senior IT professionals and anyone else involved in the overall security of an organization impacted by compliance regulations.

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CCSASM Quick Reference Cards (1)


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Certified Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM) Exam

The CCSASM exam validates knowledge and skill sets in cyber security with particular focus and emphasis on the development of an applicable cyber security incident response and an enterprise cyber security program.


Exam Name

Exam Number

Number of Questions

Time Allowed

Passing Score




60 Minutes



Distribution of Questions

CCSASM exam questions are developed with the intent of measuring knowledge and application of general concepts in the area of cyber security incident response and an enterprise cyber security program. Every CCSASM exam question has a stem (question) and five options (answer choices). The candidate is asked to choose the correct or best answer from the options. The stem may be in the form of a question or incomplete statement. In some instances, a scenario or description problem may be included.


Examination Areas

Cyber Security

Security Incident Management

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Essential Cyber Policies


Establishing a Cyber Security Program


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Delivery Method: Online

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